Angie Seech

 phd,LAPC, PMH-C 

Hello! My name is Angie Seech and I am a cognitive psychologist, nationally certified counselor (NBCC), and a licensed associate professional counselor (LAPC). I also hold my certification in perinatal mental health (PMH-C). I became a counselor because I believe we all deserve to feel worthy and deserving of care, to feel love and safety, and to experience and seek out enriching and supportive relationships. My focus is maternal, and women’s mental health and I aim to help clients reach their goals using a foundation of acceptance and personal empowerment. I often work with women and mothers who find themselves overwhelmed with the demands of our current society. Our modern society is not set up to support the needs of women and mothers. Add in social media and the comparison game and many of us struggle to stay above water with our mental health. Thus, support is needed and integral.

My clients want to feel good and function optimally, but they, like so many women in our society, struggle with the pressure to have it all together. They often hide their struggles while powering through. Many have lost sight of or have been unable to tend to their basic needs. This leads to burnout. I enjoy working with women and mothers to recalibrate this ability to tune into basic needs and personal strengths. Developing this ability is an integral step to creating a strong foundation towards mental health in our daily lives.


I first decided to become a therapist because I believe transitioning into motherhood is a profound life experience and I wanted to be there to support other mothers. I am excited to be practicing and have enjoyed partnering with clients to achieve wellness. I work with the unique needs of all women and also have particular interest in clients transitioning into motherhood who are struggling with mood, anxiety, and who may not be feeling at-home in their new role. I also work with mothers who feel they have lost themselves to motherhood, caregiving, and the demands of our society.

Having a PhD in psychology uniquely qualifies me to synthesize and apply science and research related to women’s mental health and maternal mental health. As a cognitive psychologist, I am endlessly curious about the brain and how people experience their environments. I enjoy helping clients to work with their unique brains to tune into their needs and find peace in their daily lives. My approach is based on a holistic view of healing, and I enjoy learning about my clients and what works best for them on their journey.

Prior to starting my clinical mental health counseling training, I was teaching groups about research on the maternal brain and the potential changes that occur during pregnancy and the transition to becoming a mother. After having my first child and experiencing some of my own struggles with the transition, I made it my mission to ensure that women (and their partners, families, and caregivers!) had a better understanding of what was happening to their brains during these life-changing processes. Through this work, I saw a greater need to help individuals one-on-one through counseling. Becoming a parent is a profound life transition and it deserves special attention!

Alongside of my work, I am also a wife to a supportive husband, a mother to two little girls, and a fur mom to a chocolate lab mix. In 2018, we moved to Atlanta and have since grown to love all that the city has to offer. In my free time I love to hike, create, connect with nature, spend time with my family, and practice dance-based movement.

Education Information:

  • Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Mercer University, December 2022

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology, Tufts University, 2009

  • Master of Science, Psychology, Tufts University, 2005

  • Bachelor of Science, The Pennsylvania State University, 2005

Areas of Interest:

    • Maternal Mental Health: Perinatal Mood Disorders, Fertility, Maternal Burnout, Role Transitions, Parenting, Traumatic Birth, Trauma and Mothering
    • Neurodivergence: ADHD, Mothering with ADHD, Parenting Children who are Neurodivergent 
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Trauma
    • Psychoeducation and Bibliotherapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Nature-based Psychotherapy
    • Energy (Reiki certified) and Sound-based Healing
    • Mindfulness Meditation 
    • Rituals as a healing practice
    • Couples Counseling

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