Fitness Consulting Services & Rates

Fitness consulting is offered to individualize exercise programs based on fitness goals and equipment available. Whether you are looking for tailored home workouts, goal setting, or instruction on movement, this virtual or in-home option could be perfect for your needs! 


See below for services and rates.

Phone Consultation

Free 15 minute phone consultation: Contact me here  to set this up!

 – Discuss general goals

 – Explore fitness needs and talk through next steps. 

 – My recommendations/explanation of fitness consultation

Fitness Consulting

90 minute session in home OR virtual for $250 includes the following:

  • Full fitness intake
  • Assessment of current functioning  and level of fitness
  • Goal setting
  • Education regarding proper form and utilization of home gym equipment and/or bodyweight movements to be used without any equipment!
  • Personalized fitness plan
  • TWO written tailored home workouts based on your fitness goals, equipment available (no equipment, no problem!! Lisa can utilize all bodyweight movements that create a fantastic workout)


Fitness consultation follow up (only after the initial fitness consultation)

30 minute virtual session  $75 includes the following:

  • Follow up on goals
  • Check in on progress and answer any questions
  • Show new movements and/ or techniques
  • Two new tailored home workouts


Personalized home workouts (only after the initial fitness consultation)

Bundle of 4 tailored workouts   $85

  • Emailed to you
  • Personalized based on your fitness goals, equipment and time available
  • Lisa is available on email to answer any questions regarding the new workouts

Billing Information:

We do not bill insurance directly, but can provide documentation needed to apply for reimbursement through “out of network” insurance benefits. We suggest reaching out to your insurance policy to inquire about your personal benefits, coverage, and reimbursement rates. Many companies have competitive out of network policies and most individuals reach a deductible during pregnancy or after delivery. Full payment must be made at the conclusion of each session.

Forms of payment accepted:

cash, credit card, debit card, payment from flex spending or health savings.

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