Kirstin Wagemann, Pn1

Precision nutrition level 1 certified coach


Hi there and welcome! My name is Kirstin and I am passionate about helping women feel confident in their own skin.  I have completed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 course and have coached hundreds of women towards a healthier lifestyle and look forward to a new journey with you. I understand and believe that better health looks different for every woman, whether that means eating more vegetables, having more energy, building muscle, increasing your sex drive or losing weight. Having someone walk alongside you significantly increases your chance of success, and I am here to do that.

After gaining over 80 pounds with each pregnancy, I struggled to lose the “baby weight” while fully believing today’s diet culture lie that less is always more. I went searching for a better way and fell in love with macro counting. Macro counting is learning to see food as fuel, and not something to be avoided. Eating in balance and not depriving my body led to food freedom and confidence for the first time in my life. I was able to eat food, lose fat, gain muscle, and not be constantly thinking about food! I decided I was looking for happy, healthy and strong as opposed to starving and skinny! I educate women and help them discover how they can develop a healthy relationship with food. This is my passion, I am here for you.


I love working with women and have experience in coaching those who have a wide variety of goals.  I enjoy educating women on how they can be successful at living a healthy and well-balanced life. I especially love helping women before, during and after pregnancy with nutrition. Let’s face it ladies, when it comes to how much to eat while trying to get pregnant, while pregnant, and while trying to maintain milk supply and lose weight- there just isn’t a lot of reliable information out there. I can help.

A little about me: I currently live in Northern Virginia with my fighter pilot husband who serves in the United States Air Force and our three girls ages 9, 7, and 5. I love all things fitness, CrossFit and macros and will happily talk about them all day long. Self-described as the “most active, least athletic person” you’ll ever meet, I know that moving your body and your nutrition are inseparable. When not getting someone a snack or listening to KidzBop, I love to drink coffee, read, watch British television, buy shoes and dream of the beach.

Contact me here to schedule a free 15 min phone consult to see if I’m the right fit for you. You can read about the services I provide here. I look forward to starting this exciting journey with you!

At this time, I am solely providing secure and convenient virtual appointments for all of my clients by phone or video.  
*Kirstin is not a licensed dietician.

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