Lisa LaMonte

Licensed Massage Therapist | Certified Fitness Instructor & Functional Training Specialist

My name is Lisa LaMonte and I am glad you are here! I am a licensed massage therapist and a certified fitness instructor eager to assist with your individual needs…right at your doorstep!

With the increased demands on women today, juggling working from home and/or homeschooling on top of regular responsibilities, it can seem hard to find time for self care at a time that it is needed most. I am here to help. I place an overall focus on improving one’s quality of life, both physically and spiritually.

By merging my two unique areas of expertise, I hope that every woman I have the opportunity to work with will gain both the strength and confidence to live a productive life, while also taking advantage of the various benefits that massage offers for recovery and relaxation!

Soon after completing the 500 hour massage program at A New Beginning School of Massage (Austin, TX 2009), my practice hit the pavement. Understanding the convenience and comfort of being in one’s own home while receiving various forms of bodywork, I have seen firsthand how much easier it can be for clients to turn their outward attention inward while in a familiar setting. I also understand that every person has unique challenges and preferences and am able to hone in on the needs of each individual to make the most of the massage experience.


In the fitness world, I am a certified fitness instructor and functional training specialist. This means that no matter what age, condition or fitness level, I can customize a program specific for you and no one else. Whether you want me right by your side through every step or the way, virtually or on paper, I am here to help.

Before finding fitness and massage, I was lost many years ago. I suffered from obesity, depression and terrible anxiety for a short period of time before I decided to take back control of my life. The complete turnaround was astonishing. Due to my consistent efforts in exercise and proper nutrition, the layers of anxiety, along with layers of fat, literally melted away. I had a second chance at a fulfilled life, and I was immediately ready to give back to others who needed it. Shortly after that, I became an ACE Fitness Instructor and have been teaching group fitness at various reputable gyms for over four years. I have recently sought out a more one-on-one approach to working with clients so that I can really individualize the programs for better long term results!

Advanced Training/ Certificates


Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage and Stretching
Myofascial Release

Fitness Certifications:

Fitness Instructor (ACE)
Functional Training Specialist (ACE)
Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE)
CPR/AED/First Aid (AHA)

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