Maternal Burnout Inc.

A Therapy Group to Support Mothers Who Feel Burned Out

Women’s Wellness Group of Dunwoody is excited to offer a psychotherapy group for mothers who feel burned out in their role (s). 

This will be an intimate group that will meet virtually on 2/7, 2/21, 3/13, and 3/27.  Sessions will last 75 minutes and will include psychoeducation, therapeutic activities, and lots of connection between members.  Cost is $250 that includes all 4 groups.   See below for more detailed info and how to sign up!

What is Maternal (Parental) Burnout?  And who are the Mothers who feel they may need this extra support?

Mikolajczak et al. (2018) describe parental burnout as “a specific syndrome resulting from enduring exposure to chronic parenting stress” (p.134). The main symptoms of parental burnout are severe exhaustion, emotional distancing from children, and the loss of pleasure and fulfillment in the parental role (Hamzelou, 2021). Burned out Mothers have not stopped loving their children. In fact, it is their intense drive to overachieve in their role as a parent, that leads to burnout.

All parents can experience burnout, but many burned-out parents are those that put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect parents (Mikolajczak et al., 2021), a standard that is often pressed upon us in our society. Freeing ourselves from burnout means letting go of these impossible standards and expectations.

Who is this group for?

This group is ideal for mothers who are currently feeling burned out in their roles. We understand the psychological and physical demands put on mothers in today’s society. We also know the amount of resilience and resources necessary to combat the burnout that can feel inevitable amidst these demands. This therapy group is for those wanting more support and who want to be proactive with their burnout.

For those interested, there is a parental burnout quiz here:

You do not have to qualify as a “burned out parent” to attend this group, as your subjective feelings of burnout are enough

Who can attend?

Six to Eight Individual Mothers. All Mothers are asked to attend without children so that they can be fully present for group therapy.

When will we meet?

This group will meet virtually for four intimate group therapy sessions on February 7, February 21, March 13th and March 27th from 12-1:15.  

Where will we meet?

This group will meet virtually via zoom . Once you register, you will be sent the link to attend these four sessions via zoom. Show up however you feel most comfortable. Because this is a therapy group, we require you to have your camera turned on so that you can take full advantage of the social connection and support this group can offer.

What will we do?

The group’s leader, Angie Seech, will give a short presentation, followed by activities and exercises for the group. Each session will end with at least 30 minutes of group sharing, therapy, and connection.

How long will we meet?

Each of the four group therapy sessions will last 75 minutes. This time will be spent learning about burnout, learning and practicing strategies to combat burnout, and group therapy for maternal burnout.

Do I need anything to get started?

Materials needed will be provided to attendees. Prior to the first group therapy session, please complete the parental burnout quiz above and print out your results. 

*This group will not be providing individual therapy. If individual therapy is needed, please address this need with the group leader.

What is the cost?

The total for the four session is $250.    Registration is open until Friday 1/26, reserve your spot now!

free support group at womens wellness group of dunwoody


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How do I sign up?

To  sign up, email Angie Seech and she will confirm your spot and answer any questions you may have.