Therapy Services & Rates

Our therapists offer expertise and evidence-based counseling support for a variety of needs, including counseling for infertility and reproductive challenges, pregnancy and postpartum maternal mental health, parenting and attachment, pregnancy or infant loss, and stress related to other major life transitions. Additionally, our therapists are able to support other mental health challenges including anxiety, OCD, grief, depression, trauma, professional burnout, relationship discord, family challenges, and life stage transitions. Methods of treatment vary by professional, and are tailored to the needs of the client.

See below for services and rates.

Free Phone Consultation:

A 15 minute free phone consultation is a time to connect, to answer questions and to help prospective clients determine whether we are a good fit for their needs.

Individual sessions:

Initial sessions are 75 minutes and subsequent sessions are 55 minutes. Initial sessions are longer because it gives us more time to establish our relationship, for assessment, and to come up with a plan that will be best suited for your needs. Office sessions offer a warm and private setting for the therapeutic process. Virtual sessions are offered through our HIPPA compliant secure platform, Simple Practice. All therapists are trained in tele-mental health.

Provider                                                                                  Initial Intake (75 min)                                         Subsequent Sessions (55min)

Cassie Owens, LPC, PMH-C                                                    $350                                                                                       $265

Mary beth Lyles, LPC, NCC                                                      $200                                                                                      $150

Angie Seech, PhD, LAPC-PMH-C                                         $200                                                                                     $150

Graduate Intern (August 2024)                                              $100                                                                                      $70


“Walk and Talk” sessions:

Walk and Talk Therapy is a unique form of therapy that merges traditional psychotherapy with the physical exercise of walking.  Using walking in combination with counseling strengthens the connection between the mind and the body. Sessions are 55 minutes and are held outdoors at your pace. Exercise is good for the body and the mind!  



Walk & Talk Session

Cassie Owens, LPC, CPCS, PMH-C $250
Mary Beth Lyles , LPC, NCC $150

Graduate Intern (Aug 2024)





Individual Clinical Consultation:

Cassie Owens offers individual clinical consultation to help fully licensed clinicians develop skills in maternal mental health, review cases, discuss clinical interventions, suggest ways to improve their private practice, or discuss personal career goals.  She provides written follow up with recommendations that address areas of concern and help bolster success for $200/ hour.

Billing Information:

We do not bill insurance directly, but can provide documentation needed to apply for reimbursement through “out of network” insurance benefits. We suggest reaching out to your insurance policy to inquire about your personal benefits, coverage, and reimbursement rates. Many companies have competitive out of network policies and most individuals reach a deductible during pregnancy or after delivery. Full payment must be made at the conclusion of each session.

Forms of payment accepted:

cash, credit card, debit card, payment from flex spending or health savings.