Wellness Support Services & Rates

Our wellness coaching is about helping women feel confident in their own skin.  We understand and believe that better health looks different for every woman, whether that means eating more vegetables, having more energy, building muscle, increasing sex drive, or losing weight. Having someone walk alongside you significantly increases your chance of success!


See below for services and rates.

*Please note Kirstin Wagemann is not a licensed dietician. She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach.

Phone Consultation

Free 15 minute phone consultation

  • Discuss general goals for overall wellness
  • Determine if I am a good fit

Initial Wellness Appointment

$175 for a 60 minute video session

*Required before individual coaching*

  • Introduction of good nutrition
  • Introduction of macro counting
  • Education and resources

Individual Wellness Coaching

$250 per month / $650 for three months

  • Initial 20 minute video session to get you started and answer any questions
  • Providing general nutrition information/materials 
  • Educate regarding macros and give recipe ideas
  • Personal data tracker for daily use
  • Access to private Facebook page for clients only with tips, recipes and added information to bolster success! 
  • Daily coach access (M-F via exclusive email for coaching clients)
  • Weekly online check-ins with macro education and tips!
  • One 25 minute live video session at the end of the month to discuss progress, goals, and next steps.

Additional Services

Kitchen Makeover

$175 for 60 minutes $250 for 90 minutes

  • Video session so I can help you decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to prioritize in the fridge AND pantry!

Grocery Date

$175 for 60 minutes

  • Let’s shop together via video call, and I can help you understand labels and shop for macro friendly foods that will help you reach your goals!

​Billing Information:

We do not bill insurance directly, and services for a wellness coach cannot be billed as “out of network” insurance benefits.  We suggest reaching out to your insurance policy to inquire about your personal benefits, coverage, and reimbursement rates. Many companies have competitive out of network policies and most individuals  reach a deductible during pregnancy or after delivery.  Full payment must be made at the conclusion of each session.  


Forms of payment accepted: 

cash, credit card, debit card, payment from flex spending or health savings.